Introducing a new model “VPVision Basic”

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VPInstruments is proud to introduce a new model “VPVision Basic” which is, similar to Software As Service (SAAS), paid for in small monthly fees combined with a low initial investment. This makes advanced energy monitoring available for any budget.

Applications of VPVision monitor compressed air usage, technical gases, electricity, steam, natural gas and water. By default, VPVision comes with an easy-to-configure web interface. The user is able to add sensors, create screens and configure reports.

Software as a service?

Energy management is never just a software investment. Sensors and data acquisition need to be installed on-site. VPInstruments has made a very convenient starter’s package, “VPVision Basic”, which consists of pre-installed energy monitoring software and data acquisition hardware.  Up to 12 channels (4 analog, 4 virtual and 4 Modbus (TCP) channels) can be monitored simultaneously.

The system can be expanded with additional channels and I/O modules.

Optional modules

Alarms module
The alarm module sends out e-mails when a signal or a signal combination is out of bound. Configuration is intuitive, with a drag/drop graphical interface.

SQL connector
The SQL connector enables you to access the VPVision system via standard SQL queries.
The VPVision live data can be combined with other operational intelligence software.

P&ID Module + Plant Map
In the P&ID module you can place real-time widgets on a background diagram. The P&ID module includes a clickable plant map, onto which you can upload a picture of your plant, and create clickable areas which lead you to the specific department pages.

VPInstruments quickly repays itself.

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