A sense of family

Van Putten is the family name in our company. Pascal van Putten is the co-founder and CEO of VPInstruments. History dates back through to Pascal’s father: Anton van Putten. Anton pioneered in 1974 the revolutionary technology behind our flow sensor. It was Pascal though, helped by his brothers Michel, Maurice, and their father, to turn the technology into products for energy savings. Today, Pascal is the only Van Putten actively involved. Still, we welcome the entire family when we celebrate with the team or with our distributors.

That sense of family can be felt throughout our company: with colleagues who work here for more than ten years, intimate team building events and personal celebrations, cozy Christmas together at Pascal’s home with his wife and three daughters. Every day we feel committed and we feel joy in our work and everything we do. That connection and enthusiasm are passed on to our distributors, partners, and customers.

“I like it that it is a family business. Everybody is committed”

Sean Connelly – VPInstruments UK

As a family, we are always there for you. You know us.  We know you and your company. We got your back when things get complex or tough. We celebrate our success together. Distributors are even connected with each other; friendships start e.g. at our annual Distributor Days. Every day we persevere with endless energy to help you. Because family is important and you are important.

Car manufacturer optimized compressors controls significantly

From West US, an automatic car manufacturer has a savings potential of $600,000 USD on their compressed air system. Want to know how? Contact us today to learn more.