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Special seasonal offer from VPInstruments


Order now and receive your Delft Blue tile collection!

From July 2021, with every order from 5000 euro, you will receive a limited-edition Delft tile from VPInstruments . Not only one tile, but a whole collection with the best quotes from compressed air experts is awaiting you. Order now to collect the full set of these limited-edition items!

In the Netherlands, blue tiles are exhibited as decorating items, feature aphorisms to remind people about important, and meaningful things in life. Delft blue tiles have become one of the Dutch typical cultural features since the 1800s. Back in the Roman empire time, they used blue tiles to educate people that could not read or write, using simple images. Nowadays, they become a distinctive symbol, load with historical value.

Designed and produced in The Netherlands, the Delft tile collection is a seasonal offer from VPInstruments. The quantity is limited.

So, make your order today and take the offer before it’s away!

Get free presentation for you and your team on the benefits of permanent monitoring

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Permanent monitoring of your compressed air and other utilities is key to maximizing energy savings. It comes with many benefits as the example above shows, including data-based investment decisions, alarms, increased awareness, and in some cases even an increase in production. Our team experts provide free-of-charge an online presentation to you and your team on the benefits of permanent monitoring. Interested? Make your appointment today!

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