CO2 flow meters

Gain insight into your CO2 consumption

Get insight into your CO2 system, optimize your process, and keep an eye on any leaks or unwanted use. CO2 is widely used in the manufacturing industries. And to reduce CO2 emissions, more applications for CO2 arise every day. Nowadays you can find for instance CO2 being used in breweries, for packaging or for carbonizing soda drinks, in the food industry for freezing, and used in nutritional and health sciences to increase algae production. Get direct insight into your CO2 consumption and inefficiencies by using our digital CO2 flow meters. VPInstruments is your CO2 gas flow meter supplier for every situation.

“I’ve had great luck with VPInstruments flow meters and have received excellent technical assistance for proper selection, installation, and set-up.”

 – Steve Rasmussen, RAGE – Rasmussen Air & Gas Energy

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✓ Four-in-one sensor

Get the complete picture by measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.

✓ Bi-directional flow measurement

Bi-directional flow can occur in CO2 systems. Discover the actual consumption and avoid mis-readings.

✓ Install under pressure

Insertion flow meters can be installed in pressurized conditions, no need to stop production.

4-in-1 measurement with CO2 flow meter

Are you looking for a CO2 flow meter? Our CO2 gas flow meters are easy-to-use and affordable. Get the complete picture with our VPFlowScope flow meters which measure flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow all-in-one. Choose the right flow meter for the job, we offer different flow meter models for different applications, from wet to dry and from small to large pipe diameter. Furthermore, you can customize your flow meter to your needs and budget: select for instance if you need a display or a data logger and we offer different accessories to ease use of our flow meters. For high accurate readings, we offer calibration with CO2. Or we offer compressed air calibrated flow meters with a CO2 factor for less accurate applications like trend monitoring. Please contact our specialists for more information.

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