Compressed air saving is our cup of tea

Since 1999, we helped multiple companies all over the world to save energy. You can find VPInstruments products in many industries, for example automotive, glass manufacturing, cement, food and beverage, and consumer goods.

Compressed air is a notoriously costly utility in factories. It is 8 times more expensive than electricity, and up to 50% is being spilled. Research has shown that successful energy management programs start with measurement.

VPInstruments offers a complete portfolio for easy insights into energy flows. Our instrumentation can measure compressed air and industrial gases including nitrogenCO2, helium, and argon. Our one-of-a-kind energy management system, VPVision, can monitor all utilities in your factory. All combined, you have all you need to make great improvements and energy reductions.

At VPInstruments, we serve the world to save energy since 1999. Let’s start our journey to zero waste!

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With 25 years of compressed air savings, let us help you to cut of that energy bill.
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