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VPFlowscope M – Freedom Edition

At VPInstruments, we are deeply saddened by the recent situation in Ukraine. VPInstruments would like to take action to help the victims of this war. Therefore, the VPFlowScope M Freedom Edition is introduced.

Painted blue/ yellow by a local artist in Delft, this is a limited edition to strongly express our sympathy and support to Ukrainians.

For each unit sold, VPInstruments donates 1000 Euro to Giro 555, which is the Dutch fund for all NGOs involved, to support Ukraine. At the end of your order, you can also add an additional donation amount up to your wishes.

With this action, we are not only standing by the Ukrainian people, but we also help to reduce the burden of your sky-high energy bills. By measuring and gaining a clearer insight into your flow with VPFlowScope M, you are taking a step toward energy savings!

The VPFlowScope® M is the 4-in-1 insertion flow meter for compressed air. It can be installed under pressure and measures bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature, and totalized flow simultaneously. The VPFlowScope M is the next step in gas measurement. You are industry 4.0 ready, with the additional Ethernet output. With the VPFlowsScope M re-calibration is history: simply exchange the patented VPSensorCartridge!

The VPFlowScope M® – Freedom Edition can measure bi-directional flow, and it comes with a locking ring.