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VPVision’s complete make-over: Get your training and completion certificate!

Become an expert and get your certificate of completion for VPVision – Commercial

Update your knowledge on VPInstruments’ VPVision system and on permanent monitoring. In the last 12 months, VPVision has gotten a complete make-over and since then we continuously release small and major changes. In our latest big release, we announced that VPVision is now subscription-based. To market and offer the VPVision system properly to your clients, it is important you are kept up-to-date. There we offer this exclusive training just for our distributors only.

In this training we will cover:

  • The benefits of permanent monitoring
  • Introduction into the VPVision system
  • Benefits & unique selling points of the VPVision system
  • Applications for VPVision
  • Changes since the new make-over
  • Explanation on the subscription business model