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Saying goodbye to Anton van Putten

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On Friday, June 24, we received the sad news that one of our founding fathers, Anton van Putten, has passed away. He will be deeply missed.

It was the year 1974 when young Anton van Putten received the following study assignment from one of his professors: make a flow sensor from silicon… and so he did, not knowing that he just invented world’s first thermal mass flow sensor made in a silicon chip. This flow sensor would become the mother of all CMOS flow sensors and its revolutionary design can still be found in many other flow sensors around the world.

That study assignment has since grown into a successful company, helping industries save energy worldwide. It makes us proud to think about the amount of energy that has been saved, because of the invention of this one, ambitious man.

Through the years Anton always stayed involved with VPInstruments. Whenever he visited, he still loved to share his story of how it all started. And you could still feel his passion and excitement.

Anton van Putten

Our heart goes out to his family, friends and everybody who knew him and will miss him. His legacy will live on in VPInstruments and we will continue with our mission to reduce energy loss in his honor.