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The Nutella KPI for your Energy Management System

The Nutella KPI for your Energy Management System

If you would have monitored your consumption, you could probably predict how many Nutella servings were left. The same applies to energy savings.

I love chocolate. And I am also a big fan of Nutella (without mineral oil). Especially on a French baguette. So yes, on this vacation in France I ate plenty of it… resulting in two kg of additional weight, which I am trying to lose, but that is another story…

As you might know, Nutella comes in different jars. Small ones, medium-sized, large, and “godzilla size”, are typically used in restaurants or waffle houses. And I found out there is a relationship between jar size and consumption rate. The bigger the jar, and the higher the remaining /level of Nutella, the more you take from it. The first days, it’s like having a never-ending source of renewable Nutella. Until the day you discover you were not the only one, and you start to see the bottom. That very moment, you realize that if you would have used less Nutella per serving, you could have gotten more out of the same jar. In fact, if you would have monitored your consumption, you could probably predict how many servings were left in it. So you could buy another one on time. No fights during breakfast, and a happy vacation for me and the entire family.

The same applies to energy savings. As long as you have abundant energy, there is nothing to worry about. But as soon as you start to see the bottom of the jar, you tend to be more conscious. And you start to take savings measures. This is basically what is happing right now around the world. And also in this case, if you monitor your energy consumption, you and your colleagues can become more conscious, and save energy in the long run.

So how can you implement a “Nutella jar” in your Energy Management System? Simply by defining a KPI called “daily budget”. This KPI starts high, for example at 5,000 m3, and will decrease during the day. When you are exceeding your daily budget, the KPI turns negative. You can also add an automated alert mail when this happens. Make the topic of this email: “ no more Nutella” or something else to catch the attention of your colleagues. And once implemented, try to reduce the jar size. See if you can take a medium jar or small one after you have fixed some leaks and optimized your production. Raise the bar and save more energy.

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Happy savings!

Blog by Pascal van Putten, CEO of VPInstruments.

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