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VPFlowScope In-line UL approved

The VPFlowScope In-line has been approved by UL. Since the introduction of the first VPFlowScope in 2007, the VPFlowScope product line has enabled numerous companies to save energy costs of their compressed air installation.

The UL approved VPFlowScope In-line is compact, accurate, while installing and programming is easy. The instrument is available in three different dimensions/measuring ranges.

Bidirectional measurement

The three-in-one VPFlowScope In-line is provided with a Thermabridge® flowsensor, solid state pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. The flow sensor measures bi-directionally, meaning that flows are measured in both directions. This is useful in situations involving back flow of air or gas, as well as being a good indicator for situations in which this is not desired. The internal memory (flash) can store up to 2 million measuring values, which subsequently form the basis for further analyses, by which savings can be detected, realised and maintained.

Three versions

The VPFlowScope In-line is easily integrated into the compressed air or gas piping, and is available for pipe diameters of respectively 0.5”, 1” and 2”. The 0.5” version is suitable for a measuring range of 0 – 80 m3/hour. The 1” version has a range of 0 – 250 m3/hour. The largest version measures up to 1,000 m3/hour. The temperature range runs to 60 °C. The VPFlowScope in-line is provided with RS485, 4..20 mA, Modbus RTU, Pulse and USB outputs for connecting a laptop, or adding it to a network.

Applications are compressed air and technical gas consumption monitoring, leakage monitoring, machine and tool testing, flow measurement in Nitrogen generators.