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VPInstruments top 10 MKB Innovation top 100

VPInstruments in top 100 MKB of Holland

On Thursday, September 29, 2016, the alliance between the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and The Financial Telegraph (a Dutch renowned financial newspaper) presented the awards for the 100 most creative innovations in the Dutch SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) category for the 11th time. VPInstruments achieved the 9th place with its latest innovation: the VPFlowScope M.

VPSensorCartridge® makes recalibration redundant

VPInstruments, located in Delft, provides energy management systems for compressed air and industrial gases. Industrial companies can enjoy a wide range of innovative products in Delft. The latest product is VPFlowScope M. This instrument does not need to be recalibrated because it works with replaceable sensor cartridges. This saves the customer transport costs, downtime and maintenance appointments, allowing companies to save more than 30%.

Exchanging instead of calibrating

Measuring equipment must be reliable. Therefore professional instruments regularly require recalibration. Most companies consider this a necessary evil, which entails a lot of additional costs. VPInstruments invented a system that makes recalibration of flow meters totally redundant. The VPFlowScope M enables the customer to keep his measuring equipment up to date at considerably lower costs. VPinstruments developed a special “sensor cartridge” that that customer can replace himself. In this particular case, recalibration has become exchanging. The technology behind the VPSensorCartridge® is new and patented. The VPFlowScope has an Ethernet option to reduce installation costs and to make remote energy monitoring possible.