Webinar: The importance of measuring dew point in compressed air systems

Date: Oct 6th, 2021

USA/Americas: 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Europe: 8 PM Central Europe Summer Time  (CEST)
Asia: 2 AM China Standard Time (CST)

Language: English

What will happen if water is condensed in your compressed air / gas system? And why would any compressed air expert avoid that with all costs?

Join VPInstruments in this free webinar on Oct 6 to learn more about the damaging effects of water contamination and how to tackle dew point in compressed air systems.

What will you learn from the webinar:

We will address the following topics in this webinar:

  • Understanding of the damaging effects of water contamination
  • Dew Point basics and definitions
  • Examples calculations for the moisture content in your system
  • How to measure dew point
  • Value of combining measurement principles

This webinar will take place in 30 – 45 minutes and follow up with a Q&A section.

Webinar presenters:

Frank Moskowitz, Draw Professional Services: Mr. Frank Moskowitz has an extensive background with over 40 years of experience in plant engineering. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and education, including the refrigeration, electrical, plumbing trades. For the past 30 years, Frank has been an associate of Draw Professional Services primarily in the auditing, consulting, training, and system design fields. His specialty consists of Compressed Air Systems (oil-flooded and oil-free), Vacuum Systems, Contaminate Removal, System Design, and Energy Management. Frank is a Compressed Air Challenge instructor for the Fundamentals and Advanced level of training, an AIRMaster+ instructor, and a Department of Energy and CAGI expert on compressed air systems. Frank is also Vice-Chair for ASME Standard EA-4-2010 “Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems”; and is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee for Air Compressors and compressed air systems energy management; TC118/SC6/WG4.

Pascal van Putten, CEO, and founder of VPInstruments studied Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Pascal founded VPInstruments in 1999 when he turned the flow sensor technology, invented by his father in 1974, into a revolutionary flow meter. Nowadays, VPInstruments offers industrial clients Energy Management solutions for compressed air, technical gases as well as other utilities. Pascal has over 20 years of experience in flow measurement, compressed air monitoring, and industrial energy management. Pascal lives in Delft together with his wife and three daughters.


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Pascal van Putten