It was the year 1974 when young Anton van Putten received the following study assignment from one of his professors: make a flow sensor from silicon… and so he did, not knowing that he just invented world’s first thermal mass flow sensor made in a silicon chip.

In 1974, Anton van Putten pioneered the development of MEMS flow sensor technology by implementing the world’s first thermal mass flow sensor on a silicon substrate. This flow sensor would become the mother of all CMOS flow sensors and its revolutionary design can still be found in many other flow sensors around the world.

In 1994, the founders of VPInstruments invented a revolutionary way to eliminate drift in sensors; the Alternating Direction Method (ADM). This patented method eliminated offset dynamically. The ADM method was the only way to ensure full, dynamic offset drift compensation for thermal mass flow sensors. Examples of applications are; leak monitoring, high dynamic range flow sensors and high accuracy gas metering (energy metering).

In 1998, after thousands of man-hours invested, together with a solid technology base, VPInstruments was founded and with its business plan this new venture won the McKinsey New Venture ’98 competition in the following year. The next three years were all about product development and market research. Once introduced, the products soon caught the attention of leading compressor manufacturers, pneumatic equipment manufacturers and machine builders. Together with a leading compressor manufacturer, VPInstruments developed the VPFlowMate insertion probe, which is now one of the most popular field instruments for compressed air audits.

In 2005 the experience with the VPFlowMate was the basis for the development of the VPFlowScope product line. This all-in-one device measured mass flow, pressure and temperature and contained a built-in data logger. The VPFlowScope could be compared to the “Swiss Army Knife” for compressed air professionals during their field audits.

In 2006 the VPFlowScope development was completed and the VPFlowScope received a top ten nomination for the Process Engineering award in the Netherlands.

In 2007 the VPFlowScope product line was launched. The VPFlowScope was the world’s first multivariable (three-in-one) mass flow meter and revolutionized the way compressed air audits were performed. Customers worldwide saved over a quarter million Euro on compressed air consumption in the first six months of release.

In 2008 air audits with the VPFlowScope and VPFlowMate resulted in over one million Euro of compressed air savings annually. VPInstruments’ distribution network has grown rapidly and you are part of it. There are currently over 30 distributors worldwide to help customers to save on compressed air.

In 2009 VPInstruments introduced the VPVision remote monitoring system, world’s first easy to use monitoring system for compressed air installations. That meant that customers could now keep track of energy consumption any time and at any place.

In 2011 the VPFlowScope Differential Pressure flow meter was introduced. It combined three sensors and enabled customers to perform air audits in wet, condensing air conditions.

In 2012 VPInstruments introduced VPVision 2.0, the web-based monitoring solution for compressed air. With VPVision the complete compressed air system can be monitored from supply to demand side.

In 2013 the VPFlowScope in-line was introduced. With the VPFlowScope in-line, VPInstruments sets a new standard for compressed air measurements again. It offered flow, pressure, temperature and totalizer in a single instrument. With the optional display and 2 million point data logger, performing air audits became as easy as taking pictures.

In 2015 VPInstruments took innovation to the next level with the introduction of the VPFlowScope M. Unlike traditional flow meters that have to be shipped back for recalibration, this revolutionary product consists of a transmitter and a patented cartridge, the VPFlowSensorCartridge®. You simply exchange the cartridge and continue your business,  resulting in near zero down time, less customs/paperwork, less costs and most importantly: consistent reliable measurements.

In 2018 a new office was opened in the United Kingdom to accelerate growth and provide professional customer support.

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