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  • Business of Air
  • Optimizing Pneumatic Applications - The Role of Automation and Improved Control
  • Demand Drives the System
  • Distribution Pipping Design Maximum Efficiency
  • Effective Supply Side in Response to Demand Requirements
  • Control and Automation, More Important than Compressor Brand
  • Unveiling Energy management Pitfalls: The Costly Consequences of Neglecting Best Practices and Falling Short of Forecast Savings

Extra Learning Material

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  • VPInstruments - Product Guide
  • VPInstruments - 10 Savings Tips
  • VPInstruments - Tesla Case
  • CAC - Compressed Air part 1
  • CAC - Compressed Air part 2
  • SMC - Air Saving in Factories
  • SMC - Energy Saving in Factories
  • ICS - Basic Industrial Compressed Air System Training
Menno Verbeek

Menno Verbeek – VPInstruments



LinkedIn: Menno Verbeek

Jon Jensen

Jon Jensen – SMC Corporation of America



LinkedIn: Jon Jensen


Josh Wamser – ICS – Industrial Corporation Solution



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Paul Edwards – Compressed Air Consultant



LinkedIn: Paul Edwards