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[eBook] 7 Overlooked features that deserve more attention when choosing a flow meter

When selecting a flow meter, the first things that probably come to your mind are specifications like, flow, pressure, temperature, medium, etc. However, there are more important features to pay attention to than the ones that meet the eye. We set up seven features that deserve attention as well when selecting the right flow meter for you and your factory.

1. Safety First

Safety always comes first. Working with compressed air means thinking about your safety, especially when installing insertion flow meters. Insertion flow meters can shoot out of the pipe when safety measures are not taken. Hence, a safety cable is crucial. Always use the original safety devices as supplied by the manufacturer. Only a certified technician should install the flow meter. Safety measures not only ensure your employees are safe, but also decrease the possibility of damaged equipment and unexpected downtime.

2. Measure flows bi-directional

In compressed air networks, bi-directional flow may occur more often than you would think. This can happen, for instance, in large ring networks, in factories with multiple compressor rooms or when large receivers are used. Measure bi-directional flow to decrease misreadings, spot unforeseen issues, and get exact insights into where your compressed air is flowing to.

A flow meter for every situation

Your production process consists of many different steps, as previously explained. This calls for different types of flow meters. Fortunately, VPInstruments offers flow meters for every part of the compressed air system. From supply side to demand side. These flow meters are all part of the same “product family”, so the way to use them is mostly the same. They can each be used in different situations, however.

VPFlowScope DP is especially designed for wet and dirty compressed air flow measurement. When there is no need for such precautions, the VPFlowScope M is a great choice. This flow meter is suited to measure dry compressed air and technical gass (after a drier). Our In-line flow meters, meanwhile, are built for small pipes up to 2”.


Gain direct insight into your energy flow and reduce costs with VPInstruments

Soon you’ll not just be measuring air – you’ll be walking on air too because of the results!