A new vision in food packaging industry

A Dutch tomato and vegetable packaging company used VPVision with an integrated industrial VPRouter to analyze and enhance their compressed air usage. Together with 6 pieces of VPFlowScope M flow meters, and 3 items of 3 Phase Power Meter, the company gains a clear view from the supply to the demand side.

A new vision in food packaging industry


Talking about the food packaging industry in Europe, we are talking about a $ 3,718.2 million market in 2020, and by forecast, it can go up to $ 4,890.6 million in 2025. The vegetable section is performing the lead and being said to keep its predominance position in the next 5 years.

Whereas the food packaging industry is booming, it must comply with strict regulations and procedures of hygiene to prevent product contamination. Consequently, compressed air is a safe, essential, and popular power solution in this industry. The principle is to have either no contact with the foods or contact using pure air to avoid product recalls or litigation.

About the customer

Our client is a Dutch tomato and vegetable packaging company, located in The Netherlands. With the principle of bringing the right products to the right customers, the company continuously works on improving its high standard procedure to protect crushable foods against humid and harsh climates with an optimized cost.

A new chapter of energy savings

In 2020, the company invested to build up a new factory near Rotterdam, which uses a compressed air system to supply for their packaging processes. To permanently monitor the compressed air in the whole factory, the company utilizes a system of instrumentation from VPInstruments. Via a Dutch partner, the company obtained a set of multiple instruments including 6 pieces of VPFlowScope M flow meters located on the demand side, and 3 items of 3 Phase Power Meter plus 9 current transformers to measure the power consumption on the supply side. Thus, to permanently monitor the compressed air in the whole factory, they annexed a VPVision monitoring system with an integrated industrial VPRouter.

To help the customer with configuring the new instruments in best practices, our colleagues from VPInstruments have worked closely with the client’s team. We visited the client production site multiple times to make sure that all the questions were addressed, the commissioning was properly executed and our client can make the best use of their new flow measuring and monitoring solution.

Whilst the 3 Phase Power Meters are giving accurate reports on power, voltage, current, and other electrical parameters of 3 air compressors, the VPFlowScope M instruments simultaneously measure the flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow of the compressed air at 6 different departments in the factory. All the information is assimilated into the VPVision energy monitoring system.

Along with a new vision of energy insights, a brighter chapter of energy savings is opening.

With VPVision providing real-time information, the customer can make use of the automatic report functionality to analyze and enhance their compressed air usage.

Added values:

> Accurate power consumption analysis from the air compressor system.
> Real-time reports on compressed air usage on the demand side.

Car manufacturer optimized compressors controls significantly

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