Ensure and improve production capacity using a flow meter in the industry of materials manufaturing

A flow meter show you where, when and how much how you can optimize and thus save energy.

Measure, Discover and Improve

Your utilities, including your compressed air system, play a vital role in your production capacity. This is especially true in industries such as metal, plastic, cement, and wood manufacturing, where there is a significant consumption of various utilities like compressed air, nitrogen, CO2, and more. Improving the efficiency of these utilities directly translates to improved production. But where do you begin?

With 4-in-1 flow meter, you gain valuable insights into your energy flows. Uncover large consumers, detect leakages, identify inefficient usage and overdue maintenance. By utilizing real-time data, you can justify investment in improvements and effectively manage maintenance, ultimately reducing costs and saving both money and energy. Flow meters precisely measure and display the consumption of air or gas, providing you with essential information about where, when, and how much is being used.

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✓ Ensure production capacity

Get insight into demand side requirements so you can match this with supply side and improve overall efficiency. Discover mis-use, leakage, optimize maintenance.

✓ Reduce energy consumption

Discover where you can eliminate leakages, uncover inappropriate use, reduce pressure and more. Improvements in your compressed air system can lead up to 50% of compressed air savings.

✓ Save money: quick ROI

The return on investment for flow meters and other sensors is typically 6 to 12 months. Installation is easy and dedicated support is available for quick service.


The right flow meter with ease of installation

There are various flow meter options available, each with its own unique characteristics. For compressed air and technical gases most commonly used are thermal mass  and differential pressure flow meters, as well as insertion type and in-line flow meters. With this set of flow meters you can effectively measure your entire system, from the supply side to the demand side. Whether you need to identify small leakages or assess the complete consumption profile, these flow meters offer an excellent price-to-accuracy ratio, ensuring a significant return on investment. Installation is simple and insertion type flow meters can even be installed under pressure, eliminating the need for production downtime. You can easily achieve accurate measurements without disrupting your operations.

Benefits of the VPFlowScope 4-in-1 flow meters

Are you in need of a reliable flow meter to measure industrial gases or compressed air? The VPFlowScope portfolio covers measurements from the supply side to the demand side. The VPFlowScope flow meters are suitable for measuring compressed airnitrogenCO2oxygenheliumargon and other industrial gases. The VPFlowScope flow meters all measure four principles in one so you have the complete picture of your system’s performance: mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow. Additionally, our flow meters support bi-directional flow measurement, making them ideal for applications like ring networks.


Thanks to their modular concept, you can start small and easily expand over time. Our exchangeable VPSensorCartridge system ensures effortless servicing without disrupting production. The VPFlowScope flow meters feature an intuitive interface and they seamlessly integrate with any BMS or energy management system, simplifying data integration and analysis. Installation is easy, particularly for our insertion type flow meters, which can be inserted and removed using a ball valve without the need to halt production.

✓ Four-in-one sensor

✓ Bi-directional flow measurement

✓ Modular design

✓ Easy-to-install and use


  • Demand side and supply side compressed air monitoring
  • Industrial gas monitoring: air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other dry, noncorrosive industrial gases
  • Air audits
  • Submetering and cost allocatio
  • Leak detection
  • Maintenance management
  • Monitor and optimize the control system
  • Sizing of equipment
  • Compressor efficiency monitoring

User case: Nozzle testing with a flow meter

A flow meter showed the difference in air consumption of an old design nozzle and a new design nozzle, showing savings of 50%! Read more on this use case.

Quick support and service

The flow meters of VPInstruments are of Dutch quality and highly reliable. We offer a wide range of local partners, to help you on site with your measurement project or turn key installation. In case something does go wrong, we offer quick and dedicated support with inhouse support engineers. With our exchange service and exchangeable VPSensorCartridge principle, exchanging a flow meter is just a matter of minutes.


Discover your savings potential

With just a few parameters, you can already get a rough idea of the annual costs for the compressed air consumption. There are different ways compressed air is wasted. A common one is leakages which every compressed air systems has. This is your low hanging fruit. Measure them, allocate them and start saving money!

What our customers say

“After performing close to 1,000 compressed air audits, I am certainly familiar with several types and brands of flow meters. I am super impressed with the complete product range VPInstruments has to offer. “

 – Jim Raftery, Industrial Air Centers IAC.

“I have been a VPInstruments user for over 5 years now and can attest to their product and especially service. The equipment is top of the line and ahead of the competition in detection and performance. They are constantly developing to the needs of the end user. “

 – Bryan Young, Pierce Pump Co..

“I’ve used several different brands of flow meters over 15+ years of compressed air auditing, the VPInstruments are by far the easiest to work with and give the best data of them all. I recommend them to any client who is looking for flow meters. “

 – Lane Hollar, Air Flow, Inc..

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