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ISO 11011: 2013 is now available

ISO 11011:2013 sets the requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a compressed air system assessment that considers the entire system, from energy inputs to the work performed as the result of these inputs.

ISO 11011:2013 considers compressed air systems as three functional subsystems:

    1. supply which includes the conversion of primary energy resources to compressed air energy
    2. transmission which includes movement of compressed air energy from where it is generated to where it is used, and
    3. demand which includes the total of all compressed air consumers, including productive end-use applications and various forms of compressed air waste.

ISO 11011:2013 sets the requirements for analyzing the data from the assessment, reporting and documentation of assessment findings plus the identification of an estimate of energy saving resulting from the assessment process. ISO 11011:2013 identifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the assessment activity.

Pressure, flow rate and power are the key parameters required to provide essential details for the
determination of the energy balance in the compressed air system under review…

At VPInstruments, we think that the new ISO 11011 standard is of great benefit to all involved in compressed air audits.

It provides a great starting point for development of a systematic compressed air system audit.  For example, you can find very useful template tables in the annex B of this standard. If you incorporate the annex B in your audit, you can be sure that nothing will be overlooked.

Another advantage of a more “standardized”  audit approach is that your client will be able to compare audits from different parties.
The new version has been placed on-line by ISO on August 29, 2013. For more information on ISO 11011, and to order your copy, you can click here to visit ISO.org.