Nitrogen flow meters

Gain insight into your nitrogen consumption

You need nitrogen in your factory, but are you using it optimally and efficient? Save on your nitrogen costs by using four-in-one nitrogen gas flow meters. Nitrogen is used in many places in the industry, like chemical blanketing to prevent fires and explosions in explosive atmospheres. Or for example in food packaging to displace oxygen and lengthening the shelf lifetime of food. Nitrogen is an expensive technical gas. Pending on it’s purity, it takes 2 SCFM compressed air to produce 1 SCFM of nitrogen, up to 12 SCFM to produce 1 SCFM of nitrogen for extreme pure nitrogen. Nitrogen flow meters show you where, when and how much nitrogen is used. Discover large consumers, incompetent use and leakage. Use actual data to optimize the nitrogen system and to find the optimum balance between nitrogen specifications and compressed air specifications needed to produce nitrogen.

“VPInstruments was the first to offer flow and pressure (as well as temperature) in a single meter. We’ve relied on them for years. Local engineering support has always cared to ensure we get the full value and correct implementation from their product. We highly recommend VPInstruments.”

 – Jason Copeland, Industrial Diagnostics

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✓ Four-in-one sensor

Get the complete picture by measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.

✓ Bi-directional flow measurement

Bi-directional flow occurs frequently in nitrogen systems. Discover the actual consumption and avoid mis-readings.

✓ Install under pressure

Insertion flow meters can be installed in pressurized conditions, no need to stop production.

4-in-1 measurement with nitrogen flow meter

Are you looking for a nitrogen flow meter? Our nitrogen gas flow meters are easy-to-use and affordable. Measure flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow all-in-one with our complete VPFlowScope flow meters. All our flow meters use our proprietary bi-directional Thermabridge flow sensor technology which is optional on our thermal mass flow meters, and standard on our differential pressure flow meters. At our calibration facility, we calibrate standardly with compressed air. As nitrogen has similar properties as compressed air, your flow meter will provide accurate readings. If needed, e.g. for on your calibration report, we can offer a special gas calibration with nitrogen, if required. Please contact our specialists for more information.

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