CO2 flow meters

Use our flow meters to measure and monitor your CO2 consumption. Our facility offers standard calibration with compressed air, as CO2 has similar properties. If required, your flow meter can be calibrated with CO2 as well, which will reflect on your calibration report. Saving on your CO2 consumption, e.g. for packaging, in breweries, or for carbonized soda drinks, starts with insight. All our CO2 flow meters measure (bi-directional) flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously. Have your complete and modular flow meter with diverse outputs via a display, via 4..20mA, pulse, RS485 (Modbus RTU) and in case of the VPFlowScope M, even via ethernet.

All flow meters
  • All flow meters
  • In line meters
  • Insertion probes

VPFlowScope M flow meter

The VPFlowScope M is a four-in-one flow meter for compressed air and technical gases.

VPFlowScope DP flow meter

The VPFlowScope DP is designed for wet and dirty compressed air flow measurement.

VPFlowScope In-line flow meter

The VPFlowScope In-line is the standard for point of use measurement of air and gas systems.

VPFlowScope In-line 3/8″

Measure low flows of oxygen or compressed air. Up to 50 LPM

VPFlowScope Probe flow meter

The VPFlowScope Probe measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously.

VPFlowScope M Start Kit

The VPFlowScope M is a four-in-one insertion flow meter for compressed air and technical gases.