Oxygen flow meters

Gain insight into your oxygen consumption

Get the right O2 flow rate for optimal use and save energy, by getting insight with an oxygen flow meter. Oxygen is used in many industries, from hospitals, to fish farm to mining, from waste water treatment to metal factories, and many more. An oxygen flow meter will provide insight in the total consumption, you can allocate consumption over different departments, detect leakages and misuse. A flow meter will help to optimize your process, like in water aeration or in fish farms where the right dose of oxygen will result in faster fish growth rates. VPInstruments is your oxygen gas flow meter supplier for every situation.

“The products of VPInstruments are amazing! The flow meters are great for CDA measurements, which could allow you to measure flow, temperature and pressure and it also serves as a datalogger.”

 – Stanley

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✓ Four-in-one sensor

Get the complete picture by measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.

✓ Bi-directional flow measurement

Bi-directional flow occurs frequently in oxygen systems. Discover the actual consumption and avoid mis-readings.

✓ Install under pressure

Insertion flow meters can be installed in pressurized conditions, no need to stop production.

4-in-1 measurement with oxygen flow meter

Are you looking for a oxygen flow meter? Get your oxygen flow meter and start measuring today. Get the complete picture with our 4-in-1 oxygen flow meters: they measure mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow simultaneously. The VPFlowScope flow meters are easy to use and provide a wide array of measurement applications. You can use our flow meters as stand-alone, using the display and/or built-in data logger. Or connect your flow meter to your energy management system via the analog / Modbus output. And with the ethernet output of the VPFlowScope M, you are industry 4.0 ready! At our calibration facility, we calibrate standardly with compressed air. As oxygen has similar properties as compressed air, your flow meter will provide accurate readings. Please contact our specialists for more information.

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