Free presentation on the benefits of permanent monitoring

Permanent monitoring of your compressed air and other utilities is key to maximizing energy savings. It comes with many benefits, including data-based investment decisions, alarms, increased awareness, and in some cases even an increase in production. Our team experts provide free-of-charge an online presentation to you and your team on the benefits of permanent monitoring. Interested? Make your appointment today!

Learn about permanent monitoring in this presentation for you and your team

Do you want to be on top of savings? Want to save time and track efficiency, maintain savings and allocate costs? Then you need to learn more about permanent monitoring of compressed air. Only 50% of all compressed air is used properly, so it is still one of the largest industrial energy saving opportunities. Permanent monitoring is the key to energy savings. In this presentation you will learn:

  • all about compressed air savings
  • where to measure in your plant
  • how you can do it remotely
  • why permanent monitoring is better for energy consumption than periodic audits

One of the challenges when implementing permanent monitoring are people and the ambiguity on ROI. In the presentation you discover how to address these challenges with a step-by-step approach to implementing permanent monitoring in your factory. We will also discuss some examples of successful projects and how trends like AI affect continuous monitoring and energy savings. Interested? Fill in the form below and take the first step towards savings.

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