VPFlowScope Probe Start Kit

The VPFlowScope® start kit is the Swiss Army Knife for compressed air audits. With the start kit, you are prepared for the most demanding air audits. The start kit comes in a ruggedized blue Explorer case .



The VPFlowScope® start kit is the Swiss Army Knife for compressed air auditors. It contains everything you need: The VPFlowScope, which measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously, a power supply, software and other accesories.

The VPFlowScope display has a built-in 2 million point data logger, ready for the most demanding audit tasks. On the bright blue LCD display you can see all data real time, in any unit.  With VPStudio software you can download process data, print reports and analyze. The software can export to CSV files.

Features and benefits

  • ThermabridgeTM technology
  • High dynamic range
  • Three sensors in one instrument
  • Standard Modbus and 4 … 20 mA
  • Bi-directional
  • Quick return on investment


  • Air audits
  • Demand side monitoring
  • Sub metering of compressed air
  • Ring networks (bi-directional)

Start kit contents:

  • The VPFlowScope thermal mass probe
  • Explorer case includes pre-cut foam to match your VPFlowScope sensor, display and cables
  • Display with built-in data logger
  • Interface box JB5 + 5m/16,4 ft cable (M12 connector) + 12V power supply + RS485 to USB cable
  • Compression fitting with Teflon ferrule
  • Safety cable with autobrake
  • Calibration report
  • English user manual
  • VPStudio full version software


Flow0.5 … 150 mn/sec | 0 … 500 sfps
Bi- directionalOptional
Pressure0 … 16 bar G | 0 … 250 psi gauge
Temperature0 … +60 °C | 0 … +140 °F
Gas typesCompressed air, nitrogen and inert, non condensing gases
OutputsRS485 (Modbus RTU)
Probe length400 mm (300, 600 mm on request)
Power supply12 … 24 VDC+/- 10% Class 2 (UL)
ApprovalsCE, UL/CUL


VPFlowScope Probe


Manual VPFlowScope Probe

Size: 7.15 mb
Date added: 21-06-2018

Manual VPFlowScope 35 bar

Size: 3.55 mb
Date added: 21-06-2018

Brochure Insertion flow meters - USA

Size: 834.76 kb
Date added: 28-08-2018

Brochure Insertion flow meters - UK

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VPStudio 1 Download



Size: 35.25 mb
Date added: 21-06-2018
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