Remote energy monitoring

For compressed air and your other utilities

Energy monitoring was never this easy with our cloud based monitoring solutions. View your compressed air system from anywhere in the world, and involve experts when needed.  Your service provider can now have a first look and analyse your measurement data without coming to your factory, e.g. in case of issues or for advice on system improvements and energy savings. Remote access saves time and money. Do you want to learn how our monitoring solutions can help you to save energy? Contact us today.

The sensors in your factory are connected to one central hub. With a save, dedicated VPN and/or 3G/4G module your data is available in the cloud. View your monitoring system in your web browser.

Remote access


  • Continuous access to your monitoring system anywhere and anytime
  • Save, secure, dedicated connection
  • Via Ethernet or 3G/4G module
  • Multiple sites possible in one connection
  • Access via PC, tablet and cell phone

Air Auditors, dealers, and service providers:

  • Analyse data and make reports for your clients from your office/home
  • Save on costly on-site visits
  • Remote data readout, remote support and updates
  • Increase customer support and intimacy

Manufacturing plants

  • Give access to independent consultants for remote support, e.g. data analysis, de-bottlenecking, advise for system improvements and savings
  • 24/7 connection possible with your energy monitoring system
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • A more reliable compressed air system
  • Get the latest software updates

Why you should monitor your system permanently

Permanent monitoring is key to maximize your energy savings and performance of your system. A one off energy audit will render a one-time only reduction of energy costs. After a certain period of time, your costs will increase. Whereas with 24×7 monitoring, you will:

  • Detect leakage and waste on time
  • Benchmark multiple machines or production sites
  • Optimize service intervals and maintenance
  • Establish your energy base line and set critical energy performance indicators
  • Allocate costs to specific products or departments
  • Keep a constant eye on consumption, to make people aware


  • Check the efficiency of your compressed air system
  • Detect issues immediately and optimize maintenance
  • Allocate costs to departments / machines
  • Benchmark machines & complete production sites
  • Establish your energy base line and set critical energy performance indicators
  • Detect and quantify energy savings activities
  • Monitor and optimize the control system
  • Sizing of equipment