Calibration services

Maintain the high-quality standard of your instruments and have confidence in their measurement accuracy with the VPInstruments service programs. Make sure that the cornerstone of your daily decisions is in excellent shape.

VPInstruments service programs

VPInstruments offers flow meter calibration services at a state of the art calibration facility. Our calibration equipment is maintained under our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is traceable to National Standards.

Guaranteed reliable measurement results

With all VPInstruments service programs you will have guaranteed reliable results. With each service you will have a flow meter that is:

  • Inspected
  • Cleaned
  • Repaired
  • Re-calibrated
  • Features the latest firmware

Doubtful which service to select, or need technical advices, please contact us at

VPInstruments have a very nice and friendly instruments for measuring air parameters. Service support is top one that i see in my experience in this sector for a lot of years. Some competitor can sell instruments like VPInstruments, but the difference, for my opinion is service support. He never and repeat never he leave me alone to solve it. Good Job to all staff of VPInstruments.

 – Aniello Vitola, Comair S.P.A.

VPInstruments offers the following main services options:

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Exchange service

Save money and time, without losing your data. Replace your VPFlowScope probe with an exchange VPFlowScope probe in one single maintenance activity. No more need to send your flow meter to a calibration lab. We offer:

  • Single exchange service
  • Three-year or five-year exchange service

*The used meters are returned to VPInstruments. The return address for US and Canada-based customers is within the USA.

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All-in Service

Full service in a short turnaround time. Just send back your flow meter to VPInstruments for re-calibration and maintenance. We offer:

  • Single service
  • Three-year or five-year service

Type of gases

Get high accuracy by calibration with a specific gas. Possible for compressed air and inert gases.

Why calibrate?

The VPInstruments flow meters are chosen because of the reliable, traceable measurement results. Reliable measurement data is key to making the right decisions. Since sensors and electronics may drift, might get polluted or mechanically wear out, it is important to maintain and calibrate your meters using a reliable, traceable reference standard. Read more about the need for calbration and advise on calibration interval in our blog.