Software & Firmware

Find here an overview of the latest versions of the software and firmware of our products. No download link and you want to update your product? Contact our office for more information.

Please note that your firmware is in a zip.file. Please download the file and unzip first and just use the.hex file for your firmware.

Check the table to know if you need a driver for your instrument. Click here.

ProductLatest versionDownloadRelease NoteUpgrade Instructions
VPStudio 1 - for VPFlowScope Probe, In-line, DP1.25software-firmware
VPStudio 3 - for VPFlowScope M*3.2.3software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware *2.3.2software-firmwaresoftware-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope Probe, and In-line sensorprint firmware **1.21.20software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope DP sensorprint firmware **1.21.10software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope In-line display firmware2.13.1Contact us
VPS Display firmware for VPFlowScope Probe or VPFlowScope DP2.13.0Contact us
VPVision software7.10.xsoftware-firmware
VPFlowTerminal2.13.2Contact us
VPLog-i-R Configuration Softwaresoftware-firmware

* VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware  + VPStudio 3

  • VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware 2.2.0 or higher is compatible with VPSensorCartrigdes with serial number 6100658 and higher. Contact us if you have a VPSensorCartrigde with a serial number lower than 6100658.
  • VPstudio 3.2 is required to configure your VPFlowScope M. Please be aware that your VPFlowScope M with firmware 2.2.0 or higher is not compatible with VPStudio 1.0 and 2.0. Moreover, VPStudio 3.2 is compatible with VPFlowScope M firmware 2.2.0 or higher.
  • VPStudio 3 will run on Windows 10/ 11 and only 64-bit operating systems.
  • Updating your VPFlowScope M Transmitter goes via a VPFlowScope M Firmware Updater, which is enclosed with VPStudio 3.2. Follow the upgrade instructions.
  • For all improvements and changes, please read the release notes!

If you want to be sure that this update is for you, contact your local VPInstruments’ representative.

Drivers and more

VPFlowScope RS485 converter driver (ATC-RS485)software-firmware
VP Dew Point Sensor Driversoftware-firmware
USB driver for VPFlowTerminal and VPFlowScope In-linesoftware-firmware
USB driver for VPFlowScope Msoftware-firmware