Terms and Conditions of Exchange Service

With the Exchange Service, you save money and time, without losing your data. How does it work? You order an exchange VPFlowScope and upon receipt of your request and verification of some product details, we send you an exchange VPFlowScope that is fully refurbished and calibrated. Upon arrival, you can replace the VPFlowScope in one single maintenance activity. Once exchanged you ship the used VPFlowScope back to us.

We offer a single, 3 years’ and 5 years’ service exchange program:

  • Single exchange: You can order a single, one-time exchange when you need it.
  • Exchange subscription: Or we offer an exchange subscription contract for a period of 3 or 5 years.


Serial number check before acceptance

It is important that before opting for the “Exchange Service”, the factory performs a serial number check of your flow meter(s) and approves your exchange request. This is because nonstandard VPInstruments flow meters and flow meters older than 3 years or not serviced within the last 3 years, cannot be exchanged, and need to follow the route of our “All-in Service” program.


Excluded from the Exchange Service program

  • VPFlowScope In-lines, VPFlowScope Probes, VPFlowScope DP’s older than 3 years, or flowmeters that have not been serviced within the last 3 years.
  • VPFlowScope In-lines or VPFlowScope probes with high pressure options (35 bar / 500 psi).
  • VPFlowScope In-lines that are calibrated on special gas or special pressure or special flow range.
  • VPFlowScope probes with different probe lengths other than P400 (i.e., P300 and P600 probes).
  • Beyond repair flowmeters (i.e., struck by lightning, flooded, overheated, exposed to elements)
  • VPFlowScope M flow meters.


Terms and conditions

  • The Exchange Service for the VPFlowScope insertion probes only pertains to the D0 versions (non-display versions / probe only). Displays, safety cables with integrated compression fittings or connector caps are not included in the Exchange Service, as they do not need recalibration.
  • For the In-line flowmeters identical product will be exchanged (D0, D10, D11).
  • The existing product needs to be returned to VPInstruments within 30 days after receiving the Exchange flowmeter. Failing to return the product in 30 days, or failure of providing evidence the product was send to VPInstruments, shall give VPInstruments the right to invoice the costs to replace the product.
  • When you choose for a 3 or 5 year subscription, additional terms and conditions apply (see page 3 of this document).
  • After return of the product, VPInstruments Service department performs a Product Inspection to ascertain the proper functioning and general state of the returned product.


Product Inspection

VPInstruments Service department performs a Product Inspection of the returned flowmeter, during  which qualified VPInstruments personnel visually inspect and perform Electrical tests to ascertain the proper functioning and general state of the returned product. The product will also be cleaned, repaired, and recalibrated before the product is returned to stock as “refurbished” item.

  • 1.1 Defects found on the returned product, categorized as “Warranty”, are repaired free of charge.
  • 1.2 Defects found on the returned product categorized as “Minor Repair” are repaired under the Exchange fee.
  • 1.3 Defects found on the returned product categorized as “Major Repair”, as defined below, will be charged according to the current price list. See our rates for All-in service where the repair costs are included in the price.
  • 1.4 Defects found on the returned product categorized as “Damage Beyond Repair” as defined below, costs for replacing the product will be charged.


Definitions of Repairs

Minor Repairs:

  • Repairs caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Sensor replacement, normal wear and tear.
  • Connector replacement, normal wear and tear.

Major Repairs:

  • Sensor replacement, sensor is damaged by impact or used outside of specifications.
  • Connector replacement, sensor is dropped, or rust occurred due to usage outside of specifications or wrong counter-connector was tried to connect.
  • Water damage, product used outside specified IP rating.
  • Electronics replacement, product used in too hot ambient conditions, struck by lightning, water build up.
  • Temperature sensor broken; product used in too hot processes.
  • Damage from over pressure.
  • Exposure to chemical substances outside of specified environment.

Damage Beyond Repair (total loss):

  • Product destroyed or damaged due to use outside of specifications or improper use and the repair costs exceed 50% of the product costs. Product left unprotected to the elements, probe, sensor housing and sensor tip need to be replaced.
  • The product is contaminated on Customer premises and cleaning is not possible or exceeds 15 minutes cleaning time or could potentially cause harm to VPInstruments personnel.


Return instructions

For the return of your existing flow meter, we refer to the document “Instructions for return” or to our website: https://www.vpinstruments.com/service-returns


Additional Terms and Conditions for 3- or 5-year Exchange subscription

  • VPInstruments will prompt Customer to offer each product for exchange once every year in accordance with dates agreed.
  • VPInstruments shall replace each product pursuant to the ‘Subscription’ once every year. Customer has the right to waive annual replacement, thus leaving the current product in place.

The following service steps are taken in the indicated sequence:

  • 1 For each product pursuant to the ‘Subscription’, Parties agree on an exchange plan [Addendum – Exchange plan].
  • 2 VPInstruments is responsible for monitoring the exchange plan, taking the agreed steps below when products are due for exchange.
  • 3 On the date or in month as specified in the exchange plan, VPInstruments supplies the Customer with a fully functioning refurbished product (the “Replacement Product”) with a twelve (12) months warranty.
  • 3 The Replacement Product is properly registered in the exchange plan by VPInstruments and a copy of the exchange plan is submitted to Customer [Addendum – Exchange plan] and needs to be signed and returned to VPInstruments.
  • 4 If required, VPInstruments performs a software update of the embedded software and the VPStudio configuration software which is supplied to Customer along with the Replacement Product
  • 5 No longer than thirty (30) working days after having received the Replacement Product from VPInstruments, Customer returns the product currently in used to VPInstruments.
  • 6 Upon reception of the returned product, VPInstruments Service department performs a Product Inspection to ascertain that no Major Repairs are required – see page 2 for the definition of Major Repairs.
    If inspection shows that a Major Repair is required, costs associated for the repair will be billed to Customer.
    If inspection shows that the product is Damaged Beyond Repair, Customer will be billed for the value of a new product – see page 2 for the definition of Damage Beyond Repair.


TERMINATION of 3- or 5 year Exchange Service Subscription

If this Agreement is terminated by Customer prior to the end of the Term, Customer shall make a payment as liquidated damages (but not penalty) equal to half of the remaining amount of the Fee left to be paid during the Term to VPInstruments within thirty (30) days from the date of such termination.



The Terms and Conditions outlined herein shall apply to the services by VPInstruments of maintenance or repair work.

VPInstruments Terms and Conditions of sale are applicable to this Agreement. In case of a contradiction between this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Terms and Conditions of Sale will prevail.

No additional or contrary terms shall be binding unless agreed to in writing.

VPInstruments does not guarantee the availability of any Products, and it reserves the right to remove, add or amend the list of Products or Prices at its discretion (e.g. by amending technical specifications of the Products, or by removing Products that have become obsolete, or by adapting Prices to better reflect market circumstances).

VPInstruments retains the right to at all times exclude any products from the Exchange Service Agreement that were at some stage serviced or altered by an unauthorized party.