VPFlowScope Selection Tool

Get the right VPFlowScope 3-in-1 flow meter for your application with our VPFlowScope Selection Tool! Accurate measurements start with the right model flow meter. The VPFlowScope Selection Tool helps you select the right flow meter, but does not stop there! Get also all the right features and accessories to finish your product.

Selecting your VPFlowScope flow meter was never this easy!

Our VPFlowScope product line is versatile, modular and complete. From upstream to downstream. From compressor performance measurement, mainline measurement up to machine consumption measurement. With the VPFlowScope product line, you can measure (bi-directional) flow, pressure, and temperature of your entire compressed air and industrial gas system.

Let the VPFlowScope Selection Tool help and guide you to select the right VPFlowScope flow meter for your application. Moreover, the flowchart will also guide you to make all the right choices for features, extra options and accessories like cables and power supplies. Fit your VPFlowScope product to all your requirements and wishes!

Open the VPFlowScope Selection Tool here:


VPFlowScope Selection Tool -1801

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Date added: 23-08-2018
VPFlowScope M
VPFlowScope M

Your next step in gas flow measurement

VPFlowScope DP
VPFlowScope DP

For hot and saturated gas flow measurement. Measure the discharge of your compressor.

VPFlowScope In-line
VPFlowScope In-line

For all your point-of-use measurement. For line sizes: 0.5″to 2″.

VPFlowScope Probe
VPFlowScope Probe

The proven insertion flow meter for dry gas flow measurement.

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