VPStudio 4 Release Notes

  • This is a new major release of VPStudio.
  • VPStudio 4 is the replacement of both VPStudio 3 and VPStudio 1 and supports all VPFlowScope flow meters and the VPFlowTerminal.
  • VPStudio 4.0.0 also introduces real-time data acquisition with plot visualization.
  • VPStudio 4.0.0 release also introduces an email registration system: after installing VPStudio 4 for the first time, the user is required to register their email address and some personal information.
  • VPStudio 4.0.0 is downloaded together with Firmware Updater in one installer. Users can use this Firmware Updater for all VPInstruments flow meters.


Supported products

  • VPFlowScope Probe, In-line & DP, with a connected display or as a standalone
  • VPFlowScope display as standalone, connected through RS232
  • VPFlowScope M Transmitter, with or without connected VPSensorCartridge
  • VPFlowTerminal display
    • Be aware: VPFlowScope flow meters connected to the VPFlowTerminal terminal are not yet supported. To configure these flow meters, hook them up directly to a laptop with VPStudio.

Device detection

All the supported products are automatically detected when plugged in. In case you want to make the scan go faster, there is a Communication preferences menu that allows the user to scan specific COM ports and specific serial port settings.


VPStudio 4.0.0 uses the same GUI template as VPStudio 3.2.3. It includes the following pages:

  • Overview: displays information about the device: serial number, firmware version, flow range, etc.
    • The components of the device (VFlowScope M Transmitter & VPSensorCartridge, VPFlowScope Probe,  In-line, DP & their display) are displayed in separate tabs.
  • Settings: where the configuration of the device can be altered: connectivity settings, analog output, resets (totalizer, factory reset), etc.
  • Datalogger:
    • For the VPFlowScope M Transmitter, export the data on the datalogger between two dates. Same as VPStudio 3.
    • For VPFlowScopes, displays the sessions recorded on the device and exports to CSV. The features are taken from VPStudio 1, but the format used is similar to the VPFlowScope M Transmitters.
    • Plots of the data from the datalogger are not yet implemented but are planned for a future release.
  • Real-time: detailed below

Real-time plots

Data can be acquired from a flow sensor in real time and displayed in a plot. The acquired values are bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature, and totalizer.

Recording time is limited to 5 minutes: data older than 5 minutes is erased from the plots.

After stopping the recording, the user can zoom in to specific time intervals. Values can be converted and displayed in various units.

Export and unlimited data acquisition are not yet available but are planned for a future release.


VPStudio 4.0.0 is available in English, Dutch, and French.