Software & Firmware

Find here an overview of the latest versions of the software and firmware of our products. No download link and you want to update your product? Contact our office for more information.
ProductLatest versionDownloadRelease Note
VPStudio 2 software for all VPFlowScope flow meters and VPFlowTerminal2.4.1software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware *1.5.1software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware *1.5.0software-firmware
VPFlowScope Probe, and VPFlowScope In-line sensorprint firmware *1.21.20software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope DP sensorprint firmware *1.21.10software-firmwaresoftware-firmware
VPFlowScope In-line display firmware2.13.1
VPVision software5.2software-firmware
VPS Display firmware for VPFlowScope Probe or VPFlowScope DP2.13.0
VPStudio 11.25software-firmware
VPLog-i R Configuration Softwaresoftware-firmware

* Updating VPFlowScope firmware

The VPFlowScope firmware can be updated using VPStudio 2 software. This is the easiest way. With VPStudio 2, the update guides you through the process step by step.


When updating a VPFlowScope or VPFlowScope In-line, always use the RS485-port to update the firmware. Do not update another way (via USB or the USB port of the VPFlowTerminal) as it will erase the memory of the display module.

Drivers and more

VPFlowScope RS485 converter driver (ATC-RS485)software-firmware
VP Dew Point Sensor Driversoftware-firmware
USB driver for VPFlowTerminal and VPFlowScope In-linesoftware-firmware
USB driver for VPFlowScope Msoftware-firmware