Compressed Air Management Master Class

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Date: September 14 – September 15, 2023

Place: Charlotte, USA

Join us for an exciting two-day master class on Compressed Air Management – A roadmap to turning compressors off. Organized in collaboration of VPInstruments, SMC Corporation of America, Industrial Compressor Solutions, and Compressed Air Consultants, this event is set to take place in the vibrant city of Charlotte, USA on September 14-15, 2023.

How can we turn off compressors and really reduce energy consumption

All companies and speakers of this event, have one passion in common: how can we turn off compressors and really reduce energy consumption. Too many “improvement” projects in the industry need major capital investment, e.g. in a more efficient compressor or dryer. However, the most efficient compressor in the world, is still very inefficient when you are wasting a lot of compressed air downstream.

We have assembled a group of experts of different aspects of your compressed air system. Together we will show you a comprehensive approach to compressed air system assessments and improvements that will last.

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Get an IEEE certificate with this master class and gain CEU/PDH credits!

This Master Class is a part of the IEEE Credentialing Program. VPInstruments is an approved provider of IEEE certificates. IEEE will be providing a CEU/PDH certificate for this Master Class. Through this Master Class, you will earn 1.1 CEU/11 PDH.

Key Takeaways to increasing reliability

Get basic compressed air know-how

Understand how different sections of the compressed air system contribute to artificial demand and waste: specifically, the roles of the compressor room, distribution system, process connections, and processes themselves.

Make data-driven decisions

Learn how to make data-driven decisions to drive a logical improvement process for the compressed air system.

Understand demand side-supply side cohesion

Get insight into how the compressor room reacts to the demand-side of the compressed air system, and therefore why proper controls are so important.

How to improve compressor controls

Evaluate and explore different ways to control and monitor your plant’s compressed air system with thresholds to increase efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Reduce inefficiencies

Shift the focus from adding more air compressors to addressing inefficiencies in existing plants.

Increase efficiency and reliability

Gain an understanding of the interdependence between efficiency and reliability, as well as their opposing counterparts.


Our esteemed lineup of speakers includes industry experts who will share their insights and expertise:

Menno Verbeek

Menno Verbeek, VPInstruments

Menno Verbeek is Sales Director of VPInstruments and an expert on compressed air monitoring systems project management. Menno believes that 80%..90% of compressed air saving opportunities are to be found outside of the compressor room and that supply side projects like adding new compressors (fixed or VSD) or implementing controls system should always come after a thorough demand side reduction process where the air distribution, air demand (incl. leaks/artificial demand/inappropriate use/system losses), quality of air and reliability of the system are continuously measured, trended and reported to support fact based system adjustments & improvements.

Jon Jensen

Jon Jensen, SMC Corporation of America

Jon Jensen is the Energy Efficiency Team Manager for SMC Corporation of America.  He provides consulting services on energy conservation in pneumatic systems.  He is also a Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TUV NORD) and manages machinery safety products for SMC Corporation of America.  He is a past president of the International Fluid Power Society, an Accredited Instructor, and holds Pneumatic Specialist and Electronic Controls Specialist Certifications.  Prior to the Energy Conservation Group, Jon served for nearly 10 years as SMC’s North American Training Manager.

Josh Wamser

Josh Wamser, Industrial Compressor Solutions

Josh Wamser is a disrupter in the compressed air industry.  His training classes and presentations push critical thinking over industry norms. He challenges compressed air professionals and plant personnel alike to get out of the compressor room to drive sustainability.


Paul Edwards, Compressed Air Consultants

Paul Edwards is a highly experienced professional with 42 years in the compressed air business. With 21 years at Ingersoll Rand, he held roles in sales, global product management, marketing, and audits/technical services. As the Principal of Compressed Air Consultants for 21 years, he provided expert compressed air consulting. Paul’s contributions have been recognized through publications and presentations at respected industry events such as CABPWEEC, IEEE, EnergyStar’s Industrial Focus Group, IEC, and IMC. He is a trusted and knowledgeable figure in the field.

Programme Outline

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Day 1: 14th September 2023

Day 2: 15th September 2023

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The participation fee for this event is $535, which includes access to all sessions, networking opportunities, and conference materials. Additionally, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

The fee for the master class also includes complimentary meals for 2 days. The fee is exclusive of accommodation and travel costs.

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