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Newsletter February 2021: New webinar and New product is now available!

Free webinar: Compressed Air Leaks: Your low hanging fruit

Join us and UE Systems for a live webinar on Wednesday, February 24 to find out the most effective approach toward Leakage Management.

To make sure our subscribers from all over the world will be able to come aboard, we arrange two similar sections on the same day: the first section is at 10 AM (European time), and the other is at 8 PM (European time). You can choose the timeslot up to your convenience in the registration link here.

This webinar will take place in 30 – 45 minutes and follow up with a Q&A section.

New product: VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch

VPInstruments is proud to introduce the VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch for small flows. This flow sensor is a simple, straight-forward device that measures flow, total flow, and temperature. The VPFlowScope In-line 3/8″ is designed for measuring oxygen, as the main wetted material is Brass. Besides oxygen, it can also be used to measure compressed air.

The flow meter features a 3-line TFT display with real-time information and the measurement data is available via the analog and Modbus output. The VPFlowScope In-line 3/8″ differs from our other VPFlowScope flow meters, so please check the leaflet thoroughly.

More information is now available on our website or download the brochures here.