Energy Monitoring

Why energy monitoring is so important

Did you know that companies without an energy management system in place are more likely to go out of business? Research has shown that a factory spills up to 50% of their compressed air consumption. With energy monitoring, you get real-time insight into your energy flows. It will be your guiding hand to target energy savings for individuals, teams or at a company-wide level.

Discover how to cut off 10..30% of your compressed air consumption today with this free assessment!

“VPVision is a really powerful tool to keep our compressed air flow consumption at the lowest possible level. It helps us to prevent leakage and to optimize our compressed air supply.”

 – Kikkoman Europe


VPVision is the complete real-time energy monitoring solution for all utilities within your company.

VPVision Mobile

VPVision Mobile, the complete energy monitoring tool for industrial audits

Remote Energy Monitoring

View your compressed air system from anywhere in the world, and involve experts when needed.


The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display.

VPVision Energy Monitoring

Get real-time insight in all energy flows with VPVision energy monitoring software. VPVision makes energy management easy, understandable and rewarding. You can use VPVision to monitor compressed air and all other utilities in your plant. VPVision is available as a permanent monitoring system and as an audit tool.