Industrial power meters

Do you wish to measure the power consumption of your factory’s machines? Our electric power meters are highly accurate and easy to use. No more guessing how much power is used in your factory, whether you are a manufacturer of textile, glass or food & beverage. Measure every step in your production process, from compressor to dryer and pump. Gaining insight allows you to optimize your production process, quickly detect malfunctions and even increase your efficiency. What are you waiting for?

From 3 phase power meter to portable amp meter

There are multiple options for a power consumption meter. Our 3 phase power meter measures voltage and current of all three phases. This provides a highly accurate reading. It is suitable for permanent installation and is ideal for large consumers such as compressors and dryers. Use it in combination with our flow meters to get direct insight into and optimize your energy flows. Or choose our current sensor VPLog-i/-R, which is the easiest power meter in the world. Just wrap this portable power meter around the power cable that you want to measure. Do you wish to know which power usage meter is suitable for your factory? Please contact our experts, they will gladly assist you.