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Energy is expensive and a hot topic nowadays. Compressed air and industrial gases are thereby notorious expensive utilities, a multitude of the costs compared to electricity. There is a lot to gain in these systems; they are often oversized, inefficient, and taking more energy than required.

Addressing these issues and optimizing your air/gas system, starts with measuring and monitoring. VPInstruments product range allows complete insight into your consumption and inefficiencies from supply to demand side. We believe that industrial energy monitoring should be easy and effortless to enable insight, savings and optimization. We promise fast, high quality and easy-to-use products. We show you where, when and how much you can save using our innovative and reliable products.

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1. Monitoring

Easy and effortless monitoring to enable real-time insight, savings and optimization.

2. VPFlowScope Flow Meters

With 4-in-1 sensors: bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature and total flow. For compressed air and industrial gases.

3. Power

Easy insight into power consumption with mobile and permanent solutions. Measure up to all three phases.

4. Dew Point

Safeguard your equipment and production process. Monitor the air quality of both refrigerant and desiccant type air dryers.

Value of Measuring & Monitoring

  • Keep a constant eye on your air/gas/electrical consumption
  • Detect leakage and waste on time
  • Benchmark multiple machines / sites
  • Optimize service intervals & maintenance
  • Allocate costs to production sites, departments, machines
  • Understand impact of new production equipment on the compressed air system
  • Troubleshoot & diagnose problems/ bottlenecks
  • Trend monitoring in production
  • Data for investment decisions or to collect energy rebates

The complete package for energy management

VPInstruments is one of the most innovative companies in its industry. Our award-winning products and solutions are unique in the market, sustainably produced, and designed with two eyes for detail. We hold various patents for sensor technology and measurement software. Air and gas audits and permanent monitoring are the pillars for our product range. And there is no need to depressurize your system to install our insertion flow meters when using the hot tap drill and hot tap saddles. We deliver the complete package!

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