Energy is expensive and a hot topic nowadays. Compressed air and industrial gases are among the costliest utilities. Start measuring and monitoring your compressed air/gas system today to reduce up to 50% of your energy bill!

With easy-to-use measuring and monitoring products from VPInstruments, you get instant data to manage your energy flows, keep up your maintenance and optimize your energy efficiency. Our flow meters, dew point sensors, power meters and energy monitoring system can be found all over the world, trusted by professionals in the field. Measure, manage, control: Energy savings are within your reach!

In 2024, VPInstruments is proud to commemorate 25 years of providing easy insight into energy flows within industrial sectors. Throughout this milestone anniversary, we continue our commitment to empowering businesses with solutions for efficient energy management.

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VPInstruments, a global pioneer in energy monitoring and measurement solutions, proudly announces its 25th anniversary. This event marks a quarter-century
Measuring and repairing compressed air leaks easily provides 10 to 20% lower energy costs. Globally popular medium is a downright
Minimize production stops, maximize your compressed air efficiency without adding another compressor. FREE EBOOK: COMPRESSED AIR SAVINGS TOP 10 In

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Optimize your energy efficiency with VPVision

Do you know the efficiency of your plant? Get real-time insight in all energy flows with VPVision energy management software. VPVision makes energy management easy, understandable and rewarding. You can use VPVision to monitor compressed air and all other utilities in your plant.