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VPInstruments Celebrates 25 Years of Impact: Pioneering Energy Savings and Enhancing Efficiency

VPInstruments, a global pioneer in energy monitoring and measurement solutions, proudly announces its 25th anniversary. This event marks a quarter-century of contributions to sustainable energy practices.

Since its establishment in 1999, VPInstruments has been at the forefront of providing insights for energy efficiency and management. VPInstruments’ easy-to-use solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide.

VPInstruments’ 4-in-1 flow meters, power meters, dewpoint sensors, and monitoring systems have empowered diverse industries, including food & beverage, automotive, glass, and consumer goods. The insights from our instruments help customers to slash up to 30% of their compressed air and technical gas usage!

In honor of this significant milestone, VPInstruments is set to host a series of internal and external activities throughout the year. Notably, the “Energy360 Conference 2024” is scheduled for September 18-20. This event is open to professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing a platform to discuss industry trends and advancements in energy management. More information about this event can be found here.

With gratitude to our customers and partners for your continuous support, we reflect on the journey and remain committed to delivering sustainable solutions for energy savings.

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