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VPInstruments’ Webshop: New products are now available!


VPInstruments, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of measurement and monitoring equipment for compressed air and gas, is pleased to announce that the new string of products is now available on our Webshop page.

Via the VPInstruments’ Webshop, you can quickly and easily buy your instrumentations for compressed air. Besides in-line flow meters, now you can also directly purchase your power meters, insertion flow meters for compressed dry and wet air measurements, dew point sensors and even easy junction boxes to create Modbus networks. A selection of newly added products.

  • VPFlowScope DP: The patented, ultimate measurement tool for wet compressed air flow measurements. The unique design enables you to take measurements in the discharge pipe of a compressor under 100% saturated conditions. The VPFlowScope DP measures 4-in-1: bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature, and totalized flow.
  • VPFlowScope M: Your industry 4.0, 4-in-1 insertion flow meter for compressed air. It can be installed under pressure and measures bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature and totalized flow simultaneously.
  • VP Dew Point Sensor: The smart dew point transmitter with a large measurement range of -70..+60 ⁰C; so you can measure downstream a refrigerant type dryer as well as a desiccant-type dryer.
  • 3 Phase Power Meter: The VPInstruments 3 Phase Power Meter is the highly accurate power meter for your permanent power measurements. With the power meter, you can measure the voltage and current of all three phases.

Get your plug-and-play start kits, dew point sensors, and more, right from our Webshop at shop.vpinstruments.com. Buy your instrumentations in just a few clicks!