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VPVision permanent monitoring of plant utilities continuously improving, unlocking enhanced functionality with version 7.8

VPInstruments, a leading innovator in energy management solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest release, VPVision 7.8. With new features and enhancements, VPVision 7.8 sets a new standard for real-time monitoring and reporting in industrial environments.

Effortless Report Creation with Page Reporting Functionality

With the Page Reporting functionality, users can now create reports with unparalleled ease by utilizing the new “Reports” button on each page. This intuitive addition enables the creation of scheduled reports with a single click, complemented by a preview report option for immediate review.

Expanded Monitoring Capabilities with New Units

VPVision 7.8 introduces an array of new units, opening up a world of possibilities for comprehensive production data monitoring. Some examples of the latest units:

  • Frequency (Hz): Ideal for vibration sensor frequency and rotational speed tracking.
  • Length (m): Facilitating distance, position, and level measurements for enhanced object detection and tank level monitoring.
  • Mass (kg): Enabling weight measurements and force sensing for packaging, industrial handling systems, or to have output flow in kg/hr.

Check out the release notes here for all new units and some application examples.

Widgets for Unprecedented Control and Benchmarking

Keep track of your system performance with multiple summary and consumption overviews, which are now available on your real-time pages. Keep track of consumption over time by comparing your usage this period with previous period. Know your energy costs and efficiency with the Energy Summary Widget. And get an analysis per compressor showing your use, costs and behavior.

As this is not all. Access the complete release note here for VPVision 7.8 or contact our team of expert to learn what VPVision can mean for you.


VPVision is the complete real time energy monitoring solution for all utilities within your company. It provides real-time data on usage and shows the patterns on your supply and demand side. This gives you all the insights to save energy, allocate costs, and improve efficiency. VPVision also helps to prevent unexpected downtime. And it will prevent unnecessary production losses.