Dew point sensors

Maintaining the dew point of your compressed air or gas system ensures a longer life for your equipment and reduces maintenance costs. It is therefore recommended that the humidity level of your installation is constantly monitored. Our dew point sensors, also known as dew point meters or dew point monitors, provide accurate dew point measurement of your factory’s pipelines. This insight helps you avoid exceeding acceptable limits. VPInstruments’ dew point sensors are designed with ease of use in mind and come with all the features needed to make installation and operation as simple as possible.

The right dew point meter for every situation

Our range of dew point sensors includes two dew point meters: the VP Dew Point Sensor and the Dew Point Sensor – extreme dry air. The VP Dew Point Sensor has a very large measurement range and is adequate for most of your dew point measurement applications (refrigerant and desiccant type dryers). The second one is specifically designed for applications with extremely dry air. The calibrated dew point meters can be incorporated directly into VPVision or they can be connected to your compressed air or gas management and control system.

“For manufacturers using compressed air VPInstruments provides excellent measurement solutions including flow meters, dew point sensors and monitoring systems that allow you to identify and eliminate energy losses in your factory. Kudos to the VPInstruments Team.

 – Matthew Waita, Ren Engineering Solutions