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VPInstruments addition of a Benelux Account and Project Manager for greater energy savings in the local manufacturing industry

For almost 25 years, VPInstruments has been developing and supplying instrumentation and monitoring solutions to the manufacturing industry. We are proud to have made significant contributions to energy savings worldwide in over 80 countries, specifically in the use of compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, and other technical gases. Closer to home, in the Benelux region, substantial amounts of compressed air and other gases are consumed by a diverse manufacturing industry, including sectors such as metal, concrete, wood, food and beverage, packaging, and other.

While VPInstruments already has an existing market presence in the Benelux, we see many opportunities still. That is why we have welcomed Albert Assink as our Benelux Account and Project Manager. With 25 years of experience in compressed air, Albert will not only support the manufacturing industry in gaining insight into energy flows via dealers and resellers, but also directly. With Albert on board, we can now offer not only instrumentation and monitoring systems but also turnkey projects, with or without the assistance of local partners.

An additional benefit of direct delivery to the manufacturing industry is that VPInstruments maintains closer contact with end-users. This allows us to gain better insights into the needs of our customers, which in turn helps us in our innovation and product development efforts.

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