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Announcement: Airometrix – Our new distributer in Southern California


VPInstruments is pleased to announce that Airometrix has become our authorized distributor in Southern California.

As the largest independent compressed air auditing firm in North America, Airometrix performs work extensively in both public and private segments. Airometrix is an engineering and consulting firm focused on supplying high-quality analysis and evaluation of compressed air systems for industrial, institutional, and government organizations. The company performs work throughout North America. As a third party, an independent consulting organization, they act as owners’ representatives.

Airometrix has a broad range of experience working with all types of compressors – Reciprocating, Screw, and Centrifugal – from 5 hp to 7,000 hp. The company has performance-tested compressors from 35 psig up to 600 psig, and worked on installed systems ranging from 200 cfm to over 120,000 cfm. Airometrix has executed many projects requiring a high degree of coordination and scheduling, with very little tolerance for error in the project process. Their test equipment and methodology have been used since 1989 on over 2,000 compressors around the world.

We welcome Airometrix to our international distributor network and look forward to a successful collaboration.