Compressed Air Seminar in Ålesund, Norway on March 30 to 31

Compressed air is a complex and expensive resource that many people have questions about. However, compressed air is also an energy area with absolutely one of the greatest savings potential. But you might wonder how you can achieve the best savings within your organization. Well, experience has shown that it is possible to reduce energy consumption by 30 – 50% within a very short time. The compressed air seminar that  Tylekk AS will be hosting in Ålesund on March 30 and 31, will provide you with the knowledge to get started on your savings and will teach you how to improve the measures that you have already taken. Then again, energy gain will also result in a reduction in CO2 emissions which will lead to a greener and healthier planet. During this 2-day seminar you will hear fascinating presentations. For more information, click here.