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Free training: Power Measurement of compressed air systems and other utilities

VPInstruments is pleased to introduce you to the free training on “Power Measurement of compressed air systems and other utilities”. The training is brought to you by Chuck Mays. At the end of this training, there will be a test to review your knowledge and get your certificate.

This course will cover all that you ever wanted to know about power measurement – tips, tricks, and expert knowledge. This course is not only ideal for professional auditors but also for energy managers who want to broaden their knowledge on power measurement and energy savings. In this course we will cover:

  • Applications of kW metering
  • Introduction into the power meters of VPInstruments: the VPLog-i series for mobile current measurements and the 3 Phase Power Meter for highly accurate permanent measurements.
  • Selecting if you need a VPLog-I Amp Clamp or a 3 Phase Power Meter for your application?
  • How to calculate which power meter you need and which Current Transformers, including explanation of power factor and cos(phi)
  • Installation tips for your power meter

Take free training “Power Measurement of compressed air systems and other utilities” to gain more insights on this topic.

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Get free presentation for you and your team on the benefits of permanent monitoring

Permanent monitoring of your compressed air and other utilities is key to maximizing energy savings. It comes with many benefits as the example above shows, including data-based investment decisions, alarms, increased awareness, and in some cases even an increase in production. Our team experts provide free-of-charge an online presentation to you and your team on the benefits of permanent monitoring. Interested? Make your appointment today!

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