Easy insight into oxygen

Measure and monitor your oxygen flow, pressure, temperature, and dew point, with VPInstruments oxygen sensors

Get insight into your oxygen consumption and optimize your system, monitor your consumption and allocate flow over your distribution network. VPInstruments’ sensors for oxygen are highly reliable and easy-to-use. We help manufacturers of oxygen generators, technical gas suppliers, oxygen infrastructure (piping, installation) companies, and end customers to respond to current increased demand.

Measurement applications

  • Oxygen generator output
  • Measure your distribution network
  • Detect leakages and over consumption
  • Oxygen allocation
  • Medical applications

VPFlowScope all-in-one flow meters

The VPFlowScopes measure flow, pressure, temperature and totalized flow simultaneously. All our flow meters use our proprietary Thermabridge flow sensor technology, invented by VPInstruments founders in 1974. All Thermabridge flow sensor can measure the direction of your flow.
VPFlowScope In-line flow meter, 0.5", 1"and 2 inch model available


  • 3 in one (flow, pressure (optional for VPS.R030.M038.D10), temperature)
  • Bi-directional flow sensing
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • 4 .. 20 mA output
  • 1,8” TFT color with auto power save (for VPS.R030.M038.D10)
  • Power and communications LEDS (for VPS.R030.M038.D10)
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install

Model overview

VPS.R030.M080.D1050 LPM* | 1.77 SCFMBrass**4..6 weeks
VPS.R080.M050.D1080 m3/hr | 50 SCFMAnodized Al**, SS3161..2 weeks
VPS.R250.M100.D10250 m3/hr | 150 SCFMAnodized Al**, SS3161..2 weeks
VPS.R01K.M200.D101000 m3/hr | 600 SCFMAnodized Al**, SS3161..2 weeks

* Other ranges up to 10 m3n/hr | 167 LPM on request for this model
** Other sensor body materials available


  • Tubing kit (in and outlet tubes)
  • Data logger with 2 million points
  • Oil and grease-free product cleaning, packed in double sealed bags for oxygen applications
  • Remote monitoring solution including cellular connectivity

OEM options:

  • Other flow ranges
  • No-display versions
  • Private label

A few oxygen application examples:

Medical use

Measure total consumption, leakages, allocate oxygen consumption over different departments.

Fish farms / Aqua culture

Ensure the right dose of oxygen in your fish farm for faster growth rates and better quality of your fish. Use a permanent flow meter to monitor precisely per line the amount of Oxygen.

Manufacturers of oxygen generators

Measure the output of your generators and/or measure your own factories.

More industries / applications:

  • Glass blowing
  • Mini-steel mills
  • Welding and brazing
  • Metal / thermal spraying
  • Melting
  • Oxyfuel cutting
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Cement And lime manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Mining and gold processing
  • Ozone generator
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Oxygen injection for waste water treatment
  • Furnace oxygen enrichment
  • Fermentation

Discuss your needs!

Would you like to receive more information, see other sized or material options , or do you have specific application you’d like to discuss? Or discuss our other options, as besides oxygen flow meters, VPInstruments offers also dew point sensors and solutions for remote monitoring of your installation, as access to sites may be limited due to travel restrictions.

Let us know and we will schedule a conference call to discuss your needs and the options available.