Optimize your energy efficiency with VPVision

Do you know the efficiency of your plant? Get real-time insight in all energy flows with VPVision energy monitoring software. VPVision makes energy management easy, understandable and rewarding. You can use VPVision to monitor compressed air and all other utilities in your plant.

Get a grip on your energy consumption

Did you know that companies with an energy management system in place are more profitable on the long run? With VPVision, you can get a grip on your energy consumption and to realize substantial energy savings. How? contact us today for a free initial system assessment and introduction call.

Discover energy savings with VPVision on how to save on expensive compressed air

Scaleable solutions – for small and large production plants

We offer energy monitoring solutions for any compressed air system, from 2*45 kW up to a few megawatt. Priced at a level which makes energy incentives a nice to have, instead of a must have. So don’t waste any longer. Let’s start with your free energy assessment by clicking the button below.

VPVision energy monitoring system

Why energy monitoring? – Your benefits:

There are many reasons to start monitoring your energy consumption permanently. Here are the most important ones:

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Check the efficiency of your compressed air system

Compressed air is one of the most expensive utiltities in your plant. Compressors run on electricity and convert most of it into heat. Efficiency may shift over time due to neglected maintenance, or change in demand profile. That’s why continuous monitoring of efficiency is a must.

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Allocate costs

Do you know how much energy it takes to manufacture your product? Most manufacturers used to look only at cost of labor and material. In many industries, energy costs can become a significant part of the product costs, and should be allocated accordingly.

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Detect issues

VPVision keeps an eye on your assets 24/7. Thanks to the built-in alarm function, you will be warned before things start to go out of bounds.

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Benchmark machines & production sites

VPVision data can be used to benchmark your production equipment. You can also benchmark different production sites. How much kW/product produced is required? And why does site A perform better than site B?

Get started today

Your journey to energy savings start with taking the first step.

We offer a free 30 minute consultancy call in which you can learn how you can achieve 10 to 30% energy savings in your compressed air system. But first, we like to know your system a little bit better so we can show you how much energy you can save, and how. Click the button below to go to the assessment form.