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Newsletter May 2021: New and improved VPFlowScope M

VPInstruments announces new firmware for the Transmitter of the VPFlowScope M flow meter. Firmware 2.2.0 has improved reliability and stability, and with this new firmware the VPFlowScope M is even easier to use. Coincidental, we release the VPStudio 3 software to configure and readout your VPFlowScope M.

Delft, 18 juni 2019.

The VPFlowScope M provides a  complete solution for compressed air and technical gas flow measurement. It  covers the entire compressed air system, from supply to demand side. Thanks to  the built-in pressure sensor and temperature sensor, the VPFlowScope M is a powerful tool to detect what is really going on in your system. And with its Ethernet interface, the VPFlowScope M is industry 4.0 ready.

New improvements include:

  • Easier data logging with one-year circular memory: No need any more to start/stop your VPFlowScope M data logger.  Now, when you power your flow meter, your parameters (flow, pressure, temperature) are automatically recorded once per second. Via VPStudio 3 you can select the required period and data interval (1 sec, 1 min or 1 hr) for your data analyses, whereby you can even split files per day. We strongly advise to sync you flow meter with VPStudio, so time is synchronized before going into the field.
  • New graphical display. The display can be customized to show one, two or three parameters.  Moreover, adapt to your surroundings by choosing black text on a white background or vice versa.
  • Unified Modbus functionality. All Modbus functionalities are equally available over RS485 & Ethernet. Modbus bugs are fixed, so reliability has increased. Moreover, baud rate 115200 is added.
  • The pipe diameter can now be stored in the Transmitter, so you can replace the VPSensorCartridge without losing your setting.
  • The data logger CSV export settings is replacing the prior Project Module, making data export more intuitive and easier.
Newsletters may 2021

Update your VPFlowScope M Transmitter

You can now update your VPFlowScope M Transmitter free of charge (only when your VPSensorCartrdge has S/N 6100658 or higher). Updating goes via a VPFlowScope M Firmware Updater, which is enclosed with VPStudio 3. Read the complete release notes and follow the upgrade instructions carefully, before updating.

Discontinued features:

  • Due to a low volume of Wi-Fi units sold, the Wi-Fi functionality is discontinued. The corresponding Internal Web Server is thereby redundant as well.
  • Custom units are not available.
  • The tube diameter can be set in both mm and inches via VPStudio; the Transmitter will show the diameter in mm only. Your measurement data is always available in both metric and imperial units.


  • The VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware 2.2.0 is compatible with VPSensorCartridges with S/N 6100658 and higher.
  • VPStudio 3.2.1 will run only on Windows 10 machines, 64 bit.
  • VPStudio 3 replaces VPStudio 2. VPStudio 3 is only compatible with VPFlowScope M Transmitter firmware 2.2 and vice versa.

New Upcoming Webinar about Flow Meter Technologies

When: 6th of July
Topic: Selecting the right flow meter technology for compressed air and technical gases

  • Why flow measurements are important
  • The pro’s and con’s of different flow measurement technologies
  • When to use which flow measurement technology with application examples
  • TCO calculation for different flow measurement technologies