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New release: VPVision 5.2 energy management system

VPVision improved!

VPInstruments is proud to present the newest VPVision release: VPVision 5.2. VPVision is the complete real-time energy monitoring solution for all utilities within a factory. As VPVision is strongly improved by this update, we decided to implement the new release immediately: All new VPVision orders shipped after July 24th will include the new VPVision 5.2 software. All communication and marketing materials are still being written and updated. We will inform you as soon as this is ready.

VPVision software improvements

The VPVision software has gotten a complete make-over. The modern design offers better navigation, improved stability, and increased performance. The VPVision software is more intuitive and self-explanatory, making a user manual almost unnecessary. More improvements/changes:

  • The outbound email functionality for sending reports and alarms will now be based on an SMTP server. This means that the email server will not use a local relay host anymore, but makes use of any SMTP server, including Outlook and Gmail. This prevents email approvals and email ending up in spam.
  • VPVision can now be updated over the air automatically when connected to the internet. Updating is just a matter of minutes from now on.
  • System status feedback is extended. Status issues will be communicated via front-end notifications. Furthermore, the configuration status page provides more detailed status feedback and the possibility to re-start the system.
  • The back-end of VPVision was already protected via a password. Now the front-end can also be protected to limit access to specific users. This is especially useful for systems that are open for multiple viewers.

For all release details, check the release note on our website here. Or go to the VPVision product page here.