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VPInstruments involved in test at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft

During the commissioning of a new combustion test facility in the propulsion lab of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TUDelft, VPInstruments equipment was used. A performance test was executed on the Gas supply system. The goal was to verify the theoretical calculated maximum volume flow over time. Due to the simplicity of installation of the integrated datalogger the test was very easy to execute. The availability of pressure, temperature and flow readings in one log file in combination with the VPStudio software showed immediate results. The Coordinator Aerodynamics Laboratories, Mr. H-J. Siemer, was able to confirm the success of the test in a matter of minutes.

Mr. H-J. Siemer: “It is good to see that a relatively straight forward test confirms my engineering experience and generates sufficient qualitative data to validate the design of the gas supply system. The fact that measurement of gaseous CO2 is an additional challenge compared to N2 for instance, did not limit the measurement possibilities here.”