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VPInstruments at Ener.CON 2017 in Berlin, Germany

VPInstruments will host a Tech Take Session about energy management of compressed air at the Ener.CON 2017 on March 20 in Berlin. CEO VPInstruments, Pascal van Putten, will explain how companies that lack an effective energy management program will eventually cease to exist, as they will be outperformed by competitors who have such a program in place. Without a systematic approach, based on true energy measurement on all key utilities, energy management is not possible. As Lord Kelvin used to say: If you cannot measure it, you cannot
improve it. With modern monitoring software and the right sensors, energy monitoring can be implemented easy and provides the key performance indicators which are important to you. Van Putten will also focus on:
● How does VPVision work?
● What functionality does VPVision offer?
● Which sensors can be connected to VPVision?
● What is the Return on Investment?

For more information visit Ener.CON website